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Lake Arrowhead, CA Information:

Lake Arrowhead - The 1920's "Hollywood Playground"
Lake Arrowhead is a resort town located in San Bernardino County, California. It is part of the San Bernardino Natural Forest, located 90 miles east
of Los Angeles. During the 1920s it was known as “Hollywood’s Playground.” A lot of films were shot around Lake Arrowhead to take advantage
of the natural beauty of the area.

Lake Arrowhead CA.

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The Arrowhead - A Naturally Occuring Phenomenon
Even the most casual tourist to Lake Arrowhead CA is acquainted with the prominent natural attraction in the foothills of Waterman Canyon. The distinctive arrowhead was produced by a layer of granite about a foot-and-a-half underneath the Earth’s surface, which permits only shallow-rooted plants to grow there.

From the floor of the valley below the Mountain of the Arrowhead rises to a height of two thousand feet, and is visible with perfect clarity from a distance of thirty miles. Nowhere else in the world has nature fashioned a phenomenon so astounding.

Summer Fun!
Summer activities are endless, and include hiking, water skiing and paragliding. Their hiking, biking and camping is unmatched in Southern California, with over 50 group camps in the area. As Lake Arrowhead is a private lake owned by the homeowners of Arrowhead Woods, visitors who are not guests of property owners have very limited use of the lake. Two summer traditions are the Blue Jay Jazz Festival and the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival.

Family Values
Although Lake Arrowhead is full of things to do, it does have its serious side. The inhabitants are dedicated to family values, and the environment is safe, with a great education system and affordable housing.

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