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Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead CA

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Lake Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead CA.

If you wish to enjoy Mother Nature, and all four seasons, Lake Arrowhead is for you. Our hiking, biking, and camping is unparalleled in Southern California. The wildlife is right at your fingertips (sometimes a little closer than you would want!), and the serene lake will dazzle and calm even the most frenzied nerves.

Seasonal recreation is plentiful in the Lake Arrowhead CA area. Water sports are available throughout the summer and early fall, including skiing and wakeboarding, there are also ski and sailboat races! You can enjoy cruises on the lake aboard the Arrowhead Queen or Princess. Mountain biking and ice skating continue all year long. Snow skiing and sledding are exciting during the winter months. The Village offers year-round shopping and fine dining.

Because of its central location in Southern California, many day trips are easily accessible from Lake Arrowhead. Most major tourist attractions are no more than two hours away.

Often called the Gem of Southern California, Lake Arrowhead was built in 1891. Today, more than 100 years later, the lake continues to be a treasured spot to relax and a vital part of our community’s quality of life.

No matter how you wish to spend your vacation, or your life, on the go or luxuriating in peace and quiet, Lake Arrowhead CA has something for everyone.

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