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Free Feng Shui Tips - 15 Ways To Feng Shui Your Mountain Home

Free Feng Shui Tips.Feng Shui means “wind and water.” It is an ancient Chinese art form that deals with the balancing of energy through the placement of objects. The Chinese word for energy is “chi.” How the chi flows in your house affects your everyday life.

1. The worst places for a ceiling fan are above the center of the kitchen table (the kitchen table is considered a sacred place in feng shui, the place where the family’s blessings are shared with one another), and above the center of the bed (this is also a sacred space where healthy chi is revitalized and energized). You can have ceiling fans just about anywhere else without disruption.

2. It is considered very bad feng shui to have a bathroom directly above the front entrance. To resolve this problem you will need to perform a cure called “sealing the drains.” This involves mixing realgar/cinnabar powder with alcohol, saying a blessing and pouring it down each drain (including the toilet) in the offending bathroom.

3. The entry to your home is where career and opportunities come in. If the bathroom is located directly across from the entry, your opportunities could flow out immediately.

4. Lots of lighting, good ventilation and cleanliness are essential to a proper feng shui bathroom.

5. Mirrors are GREAT to place at the top of a staircase that is opposite a door. This cure helps chi to circulate to the upper and lower areas to which the stairs lead vs. having stagnant energies just hanging around the door/entry.

6. Mirrors are NOT good in a bedroom. A bedroom is a resting/sleeping area, and at night, the bedroom has somewhat stagnant chi. Having a mirror reflect on you while you sleep is a negative move in feng shui, and if you suddenly awaken from sleep because of the mirror giving you the feeling that someone is in the room, this can lead to health problems and nervous energy.

7. Bedrooms should be oriented with a purpose of rest and regeneration in mind – this means no television or computers should be in them.

8. Warm and soft colors are appropriate for the bedroom: pink, peach, lavender and blue are peaceful choices.

9. If your house number has a “4” in it, apply to the city to have it changed. Four means death, and in Oriental countries, buildings don’t have a fourth floor.

10. Stairs leading to the front door mean all the money in the house will go out the door.

11. Do not let your child sleep or study in a room located above a garage or below a toilet. This will cause his mind to wander and distract his studies.

12. Education and knowledge is located in the Northeast section of your home. In this section display some symbols representing the Earth element, such as pottery, porcelain and clay items.

13. The best location for fountains are the south-east and the north.

14. Make sure the east of your home does not have any large pieces of garden furniture; it has to be open and clear.

15. Sunlight from the west promotes agitation because of its brightness, level of heat, and our own fatigue levels.

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